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Welcome To Golden Globe Merchants Ltd

Golden Globe Ltd is one of the leading Green Deal Installers for Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), and we have been providing our services throughout London since 2011. We help the homeowners to claim ECO grants so that they can have their ECO-friendly homes. You can also have our quality home heating and insulation services to upgrade your households.


The main objective of Golden Globe Ltd is to educate the homeowners about the benefits of ECO-friendly homes through the ‘Green Deal’. We aim to provide ECO-friendly homes designs so that every citizen can save their energy that will result in boosting our economy as a nation.

ECO-Friendly Homes Installation

Golden Globe Ltd has been providing its services to build ECO-friendly homes heating systems for almost a decade. According to our last stats, Golden Globe Ltd has done approximately 300 external wall insulation under the GDHIF scheme, gas boilers installation. We have also provided our services to build more than 200 ECO-friendly homes heating systems.

Qualified and Professional Employees

Golden Globe Ltd can proudly say that they have got the best professionals for the job. Our hiring criteria is very practical. So, we ensure every factor that we require in our employees to provide the best quality service. We have got well-qualified engineers that can help to build good ECO-friendly homes designs. Customer satisfaction and quality of service is our priority.

Reliable Supply Chain

Golden Globe Ltd has got a reliable and stable supply chain by Europe’s leading manufacturers for the installation materials. It is the main reason behind the quality of our ECO-friendly home services. We are undoubtedly certified and approved installers of various ECO and Green Deal products. Through our stable position in the industry, we can provide different loans and grants for the clients who couldn’t qualify for ECO grants.

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