Why do I need to replace my old LPG fired boiler?

An old boiler can cause you trouble that you don’t even know. You must have proper maintenance for your boilers or replace them every five years.

Saves energy bills:

According to different surveys and studies, it has been estimated that an oil LPG boiler can cost you ££300 extra per year. On average, an LPG boiler can last 4-5 years with proper maintenance. That’s why you must replace your old boiler with a new LPG combi boiler that carves your energy bills and makes your homes warmer.

To avoid the breakdown:

In most cases, the LPG boilers are replaced until they break down. This scenario can also cost you financially or any further damage to the whole heating system. So, keep proper maintenance and use quality LPG boiler service to avoid any trouble. Make sure to replace your boiler when its life gets completed. The average cost of the LPG combi boiler varies from £2,500-4,500.

ECO Grants for LPG Fired Boiler:

The government has started to allot ECO grants, so the citizens can have an opportunity to install lew LPG boilers. These grants can cover up to 100% of the upgrading cost if you fit according to the criteria. However, we can provide you the perfect estimate by visiting your property and observing your heating system’s condition.

LPG Boiler Service:

Golden Globe Ltd has got the best professionals that can help you with your boiler maintenance. You can have our quality LPG boiler service with a proper survey that can inform you about your LPG combi boiler condition.

Replacing Old Boiler with LPG Combi Boiler Benefits

The following are the benefits of the new LPG combi boiler:

  • It will increase the efficiency of your heating system by up to 98%.
  • There will be a noticeable reduction in your energy bills.
  • LPG boiler will help to increase the warmth of your home.
  • Qualified OFTEC engineers will do the installation of the new boiler.
  • You can have two years of warranty for the new LPG combi boiler.

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