Oil Boiler Grants

The ECO boiler grants are non-repayable. It means that you do not require to repay the money at any time. The terms and conditions of ECO boiler grants are simple. If you are qualified for a grant, then you can have an ECO grant along with new heating controls.

The ECO boiler grant is presently accessible for gas boilers only. Those with oil boiler grants or LPG should contact their regional councils.

The UK government ECO project provides ECO boiler grants.

If your boiler is at least a ten years old and you also receive a qualifying benefit, then you can get a brand new boiler at your home. These free boiler grants are cent percent funded by the UK energy companies. There is no worry about repayment.

Free boiler project

The free boiler scheme launched in January 2013 to scale back the UK’s energy consumption and supply grants to low-income households to assist them to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

ECO grants are made from 3 obligations. First is that the Affordable Warmth. The second is that the Carbon Saving Community Obligation. The third one is that the Carbon Saving Obligation. Funding for the free boiler scheme is a component of the Affordable Warmth group.

Who is eligible for ECO grants?

  • You get a qualifying advantage
  • the present boiler is over 10 years old
  • it’s not a condensing boiler
  • The apartment is heated by mains gas
  • you’re a home-owner

What if you qualify for ECO boiler grants?

If you qualify, you’ll require an approved local installer. They’re going to contact you to rearrange a free survey to see if your existing boiler is eligible. A date will then be arranged for your A-rated replacement boiler to put in.

Why replace your old boiler?

With energy bills costlier than ever, your boiler must be heating your home for rock bottom possible cost and your old boiler might be losing you on the average around £305 annually.

Boilers installed within the UK require to think about boilers. These are much more efficient than traditional boilers, therefore requiring less energy to get an equivalent amount of warmth.

Less energy means lower bills and if you meet the qualification criteria you’ll be eligible for a free boiler grant.