Why do I need to replace my old Oil fired boiler?

Savings on your energy bills:

Old and inefficient Oil boilers could be costing you an unnecessary amount of over £300 approximately per year. By replacing the old inefficient boiler with new one you will benefited by saving money on your energy bills. This will also make your homes much warmer and cosier.

Saves hassle from breakdown:

The usage of boilers at homes are normally underestimated until the day it breaks down and that’s when you realise how important the basic home comforts like hot water and warmth are. Installation of new A rated efficient Oil boiler could cost you between £3500-£5500 on an average depending on the factors like type of property, number of bedrooms and the age of the property. Getting in touch with us could save you from ugly surprises before it affects you and you could be able to avail the benefits of heating grants and subsidies.

ECO Grants for Oil Boiler:

The grants available for your house for upgrading your boiler could cover up to 100% of the costs needed. We could be able to give you the correct estimate after a trained surveyor visits you to carry out a free survey in your property.

Free Survey:

Call us for a free survey after which the surveyor will be able to answer your queries like how long the installation process will take, different types of funding you will be able to avail, recommend products.

Benefits of Replacing the Old Inefficient Oil Boiler:
  • Operating efficiency of up to 98%
  • Reduces energy bills and heating costs
  • Improves the warmth of your home
  • Installed by fully qualified OFTEC Engineers
  • Improves overall home energy efficiency
  • Two yeas ECO warranties are available
  • Reduction in carbon emission

Check Eligibility and Apply

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